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  • While researching nesting doll history as well as other crafts and/or philosophies related to the nesting doll design I came upon this article on the Five Body layers of Koshas. It is a part of the Vedanta Philosophy and is a great analogy to the nesting doll! Here is the first excerpt, for full article please click on the link!

    The body-mind complex is influenced by the impressions of the world that we receive through the senses and motor organs, but its ability to receive and process impressions goes beyond them. Our perception of the world does not stop with the physical senses. Even our sense of the physical boundary of our body goes beyond the senses. You can close your eyes and still perceive yourself in the body. You can also feel when someone is behind you even if that person doesn’t touch you.

    We may be used to thinking of the body as one material entity with its biochemical reactions and cellular information, and of the mind as some abstract concept that is somehow connected to the body through the brain and nervous system (or maybe through the heart), but in reality the body-mind complex is a continuum of divine energy projected onto five layers or planes of manifestation. These layers are known in Vedanta philosophy as koshas, which basically means “sheaths.” Imagine a lamp with 5 subtle lampshades. The light bulb is the Self projecting the light of pure consciousness through the different layers, and the last lampshade is the grossest, material sheath we perceive as the physical body. Each of the layers is contained in the next layer, like Russian nesting dolls. Along with the Self, these form the holistic unity that I call body-mind complex.

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